What we do

Home At Last, Inc. (HAL) provides permanent housing and support services to homeless veterans. Each veteran is provided a rental home and if necessary other basic needs such, clothing and transportation. We are in partnership with the U.S. Veterans Administration who provides case management services tailored to meet the social, medical, and psychological needs of our veterans.

HAL is a helping hand, not a hand out. The veterans we place in our homes contribute 30% of their income to rent and utilities costs. Home At Last is a small non-profit organization based in Brattleboro, Vermont with homes in Vermont and New Hampshire. Our funding comes from both private contributions and state and federal grants. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Home At Last is able to offer permanent housing, a sense of community and dignity to some of our most vulnerable veterans.

Doesn’t the Veteran’s Administration Help?
Yes, but with shrinking federal budgets resources are limited and the valuable services provided by the VA need to be augmented with other nonprofit organizations. The VA welcomes collaboration with community-based efforts to help our vets.

Our program is an effective, economical model that can be replicated in other communities